Smokey Ribs Recipe

smoker ribs recipe

Smoking meat is an old tradition in cooking that involves slow cooking meat over an open fire. Those in charge of the cooking would supervise the fire and keep the temperature within certain levels. They’d also regulate the smoke coming off the fire and even use specific woods to create different smoke.

The idea was the infuse the meat with the smoke while it slowly cooked over the fire. This was done to create unique flavours in the meat which would come out with a uniquely pleasant texture. Smoking was traditionally done with all kinds of meat cuts, including ribs.

In the modern era smoking has becoming extremely impractical. The precise nature of the smoking and the attention to detail needed over a long period of time makes smoking impossible for most modern households. Despite there being charcoal and wood smokers available on the market they still require more work and can’t be used as effectively.

The electric smoker was specifically created to allow everyone to smoke meat the way they want. Designed to be easy to use but still able to produce some great results, the electric smoker works in a more stable and controlled way. Electric smokers let you regular the temperature and smoke density in the machine. That way you can put your meat in and leave it to slow cook without having to supervise the whole process.

This means perfect meat effortlessly every time.

Cooking Smokey Ribs

Ribs have always been a favourite with families and by using an electric smoker you can create some incredible ribs. The idea is to create a unique blend flavours in the meat while keeping it so tender is almost falls off the bone when you go to eat it.

You can check out the full recipe below but there are few key elements to making the perfect ribs that you just can’t skip over.

The Rub

The secret to the perfect flavour in ribs is in the rub. By mixing sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, chilli and paprika you can create a perfect blend of flavours that will blow anyone’s mind. After you’ve let the meat rest at room temperature apply the rub by hand and make sure every rib is covered. This, combined with the smoker cooking, will result is deliciously flavoured ribs.


Thanks to the electric smoker, the cooking is pretty straightforward. You’ll just need to make sure the meat remains at the same temperature but try to leave some gaps in between so that the smoke can fully penetrate and add to the flavour. Also try to resist checking on the meat too frequently because you’ll disturb the heat and smoke levels.

Resting the Meat

Before serving you’ll want to rest the ribs for up to an hour in aluminium foil. This will allow all the flavours to soak in and keep the meat juicy and tender, perfect to eat.

There you have it, everything you need for perfect ribs. Check out the full recipe here:

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