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General Motors one of the biggest car manufacturer, and was started in 1908. It was founded by William Durant in the year 1902. He was such a smart businessman, who realized that the world in the future will depend more on cars and not carriages. Primarily, car detailing the company was established as a partner company for Buick. The later part of the year saw the company gaining Oldsmobile, monitored by the ownership of Oakland, Cadillac and Elmore.

Several motor companies were in the terrible channels through the tough years of early 1900s. The market terror in 1907 made a lot of companies to suffer the financial crisis. As many of the companies were surviving on credit form several bankers, it was the right opportunity for Durant, which made him purchase small car manufacturers, as well as the companies who are in to manufacturing parts and accessories for cars. In the year 1908, these companies were made as a single unit, which resulted in formation of the new GM Group.

William Durant was a flashy factory owner whose inquisitive mix of mastermind and over-reaching took GMC’s both to its fame as well as the financial crisis. In 1910, financiers were enforced to step in order to stop financial failure of General Motors, and Durant was separated from the company which he founded. By the year 1911, the company had gained enough progress, which made GM establish their company all over the globe.

In the year 1915, Durant tried to manage the other company Chevrolet to gain his power in General Motors, which made an enormous success for the company for five years. During the year, 1915 – 1920 Cadillac was famous all over the globe. In the year 1918, General Motors brought the functional properties of Chevy Motors, and in the year 1920; America was hit by a power decline which made Durant be out of the company.

In the period of 1920, there was a massive financial success, which made the company to practically blazed with achievement. Auto sales touched 4.5 million units, and the industry now has three hulks Ford, GM and Chrysler. General Motors had an excellent engineer who was the sole reason to turn the company at its controls.

Fords attitude was to give users the best value for the money obtainable with a slight change. Whereas Sloan and GM were attentive in providing more than a black box like extraordinary colors, comfort and features. General Motors gave a heart-breaking offer for the customers who can buy a car on credit.

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